TOHO 3mm Magatama Beads


Prefer Larger Quantities of TOHO 3MM Magatama Seed Beads?

Register on our Wholesale website where Designer 100 gram and Wholesale 250 gram packaging is available. Some priced as low as $3.95!

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Color Number Product Image Item Name Packaging Price

TOHO 3mm Magatama-Crystal Silver Lined, Stock # 3TMag21

TOHO 3mm Magatama Bead-Light Topaz Silver Lined Stock #: 3TMag22

TOHO 3mm Magatama Bead-Jet Black Opaque Stock #: 3TMag49

TOHO 3 mm Magatama Bead-Crystal Transparent Rainbow. Stock #: 3TMag161

TOHO 3 mm Magatama Bead-Lavender Blue Gold Luster. Stock #: 3TMag327

TOHO 3 mm Magatama Bead-Dark Hyacinth Gold Luster. Stock #: 3TMag329

TOHO 3 mm Magatama Bead-Light Olive Gold Luster. Stock #: 3TMag457

TOHO 3 mm Magatama Bead-Lime Green Lined Peridot Rainbow. Stock #: 3TMag1811

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